CD release: John Ireland 70th birthday concert

John Ireland: 70th Birthday Concert
LPO-0041.   Released 1 September 2009

Special offer: pre-order now from the LPO website for £8.99 including P&P (usually £9.99). Offer ends 1 September.

John Ireland drew musical inspiration from his English heritage, its poets and landscapes. He became a celebrated composer during the first half of the 20th century, championed by conductors such as Sir Adrian Boult. Boult conducted the première of These things shall be in 1937, encouraged Ireland to expand his Comedy Overture from a brass band work into the orchestral A London Overture and popularised the Piano Concerto played here by celebrated Australian pianist Eileen Joyce. Boult programmed this Promenade concert in 1949 to mark Ireland’s 70th birthday.

Full details, track listing and sound clips on the LPO website

Geoffrey Norris in last Saturday’s Telegraph chose this recording as his Classical CD of the Week. A fan of pianist Eileen Joyce, Norris says ‘she delivers a lovely, crisp, sensitively romantic interpretation of Ireland’s 1930 Piano Concerto, a delightful piece that owes a lot to Prokofiev’s Third Concerto but which has Ireland’s own strand of wistful, gentle longing running through it… hearing her here makes one wish that it would re-emerge in concert from time to time. The same is true of the other, once-familiar, stirring pieces on this disc. The sound quality is of its age, but the tingle of nostalgia counts for a lot.’

Pre-order now from the LPO website for £8.99 including P&P (usually £9.99). Offer ends 1 September.

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