CD release – Beecham conducts pioneering 1930s recordings

This month, the London Philharmonic Orchestra releases a CD from the archives – of recordings made with their founder Sir Thomas Beecham.

Two of the most significant pioneering experiments in sound recording, stereophonic sound and recording on tape, were made during the mid 1930s. At Beecham’s famous mono recording session of Mozart’s Jupiter symphony in 1934 engineers led by Alan Blumlein experimented simultaneously with ‘binaural’ sound and during a tour of Germany in 1936 part of one of the Orchestra’s concerts was recorded using the revolutionary invention of tape.

The CD includes Mozart’s Symphony nos 39 and 41 (Jupiter), plus the stereo tests made of the Jupiter Symphony.  Also included is Delius’ On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring,  and two movements from Rimsky Korsakov’s Golden Cockeral Suite.   The bonus track contains no music – but clearly demonstrates the power of stereo sound.

If you’ve downloaded our iphone and ipod touch app, you can listen to two tracks from this CD.

More information and buy the CD from the LPO website.

These recordings are not available to buy as MP3 downloads.

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