Reviews: Schnittke’s opera Faust 2


Observer: Fiona Maddocks

“Mind-blowing is one of those expressions best allowed out every five years at most. This quinquennial airing greets the UK premiere of Alfred Schnittke’s extraordinary The History of D Johann Faustus, part of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Between Two Worlds festival lovingly devised by conductor Vladimir Jurowski.”

Evening Standard: Barry Millington

“Many are the treatments of Faust I’ve encountered. But no Gretchen and two Mephistopheles – a vampish Marlene Dietrich figure and a countertenor with high heels and no trousers?

This is the conception of Alfred Schnittke, however, whose bizarre imagination leads him up many an unconventional path in his opera The History of Dr Johann Faustus.”

Opera Brittania

Classical Source


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