Review: Prokofiev and Myaskovsky – Jurowski

The concert was recorded by BBC Radio 3 and will be broadcast on 5 May 2010

Reviewed by Edward Seckerson in The Independent (4 stars):

Prokofiev and Myaskovsky – firm friends, musical polar opposites. Once again Vladimir Jurowski demonstrates the essence of creative programming bringing us two highly contrasted but musically well-complemented pieces and one genuine rarity – Myaskovsky’s 6th Symphony.

 Once will not be enough, of course – it’s a big and discursive piece to fully grasp at one hearing and its significant flaws make the likelihood of a second pretty remote. But by encouraging our inquisitive natures Jurowski and the London Philharmonic our doing us all a favour and the good news is that there was a decent turn out in support of his enterprise.

 TheArtsdesk review by David Nice:
…what set the performance soaring was Ishizaka’s breaking of a string just before the denouement of the harrowing second movement. He went off, Jurowski took a quick decision on where to go back to, and, after quite a break, up the intensity levels went. They stayed up in the sometimes playful variations of the finale which finally dissolve in dreams and end in escape from the demons.

And in Classical Source

Co-ordination between soloist and orchestra was strong. Ishizaka’s channelled sound always rose above ensembles – though Prokofiev’s scoring is usually very careful – and he duetted chillingly with each of Prokofiev’s idiosyncratic low trumpet parts (Nicholas Betts and Anne McAneny, superlative).

Vladimir Jurowski conductor
Danjulo Ishizaka cello
London Philharmonic Choir

Prokofiev Symphony Concerto
Myaskovsky Symphony 6

One Response to Review: Prokofiev and Myaskovsky – Jurowski

  1. Jeffrey Davis says:

    I did not think that the Myaskovsky went on for a moment too long – in my view it is an epic masterpiece of the early 20th century. In contrast, even though I am an admirer of Prokofiev, I thought that the ‘Symphony-Concerto’, despite a fine performance, seemed to drag on indefinitely.


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