Music for a Financial Crisis

The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Composer in Residence, Julian Anderson, has created a new piece of music for the Financial Times to describe the financial crisis – playing his ideas on the piano and describing the different motifs he would use.   

Read the complete article here and listen to Julian’s description of the music.

“Think of the financial crisis. What does it sound like? The yelling of a trading room, perhaps; the anger of those who have lost jobs and fortunes; or the incessant jabber of pundits urgently relayed on 24/7 television news? Deep, dark bass notes or the root canal treatment of high-pitched white noise?

Or how about an orchestra on the rampage? This is the image that offers itself to Julian Anderson. Asked for a musical interpretation of the turmoil of recent years, the composer in residence at the London Philharmonic Orchestra imagines a group of instruments, previously in euphoric harmony, descending into dissonance. The result would be a “fairly frightening” noise.”

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