Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – new interactive map

Only 4 days to go until the London Philharmonic Orchestra, onboard the Symphony barge, join over a thousand boats in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant! Our friends at have created a great interactive Thames Jubilee Pageant Infographic and map – download it free at

> More about the LPO’s programme of music for the Pageant
> The official Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant CD, recorded by the LPO
Download the Thames Diamond Jubilee iPad app from the iTunes store

7 Responses to Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – new interactive map

  1. Uplifted says:

    May I offer my appreciation of your performance on the Thames. My joy began when, after hours of walking to find a place by the water’s edge, I did so on the South bank just to the West of Tower Bridge in time to witness your vessel. The sounds were transportive and I threw my thanks and pleasure towards you, from my heart, to match the strength and volume of the rain at that point ! I dashed along a few minutes later towards the mooring point, ( enjoying the boy and dolphin sculpture in a new way ), and so heard your “Blue Peter”, your “Rule Britannia” and the National Anthem at close hand. When I saw Her Majesty smiling at the “Blue Peter” theme, on the television footage later, I was made happy again to remember that the crowd of onlookers bobbing up and down were sharing that pleasure with her. My husband has an un-trained but beautiful bass voice, and I can sing a song I know well with gusto and pleasant sound, so we sang along very loudly in public with your marvellous singers. A joy. Thank you

    • londonphilharmonic says:

      We’re so glad you enjoyed our performance – and it’s great to hear that you sang along with our finale. It was such an honour to take part in the flotilla, and the crowd’s reaction was amazing.

  2. Jubilant says:

    Who were the singers for the finale? I only saw the part when they were singing in front of royal barge but I thought they were fantastic and not put off by appalling weather. BBC commentator didn’t mention which choir they are from or who they are. In general, I thought knowledge of commentator was poor. By the way, I was part of The Jubilant Commonwealth Choir on separate musical barge. There was no mention of our choir at all : – (

    • londonphilharmonic says:

      The amazing choir were the Royal College of Music chamber choir – they were definitely the stars of the finale.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    Those singers were fantastic – what amazing British spirit in the cold and rain!

  4. Jean Read says:

    Does the cd that is being sold of the music include the wonderful voices of the Royal College of Music chamber choir??

    • londonphilharmonic says:

      Thanks for your enquiry.
      I’m afraid the CD does not include any voices – at the time the CD was recorded (March 2012), the singers for the pageant were not yet finalised. A great pity, but I do recommend the CD nonetheless!

      London Philharmonic Orchestra


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