Olympic National Anthems performed by the LPO – now on iTunes

Back in May 2011, the Orchestra recorded each one of the world’s 205 national anthems in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic medal ceremonies. Now, as the Games approach, all the anthems have been made available to download from iTunes.

Visit the iTunes store here to browse all 205 anthems, listen to clips and download your favourite, or your home country’s anthem!

The anthems were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in a six-day marathon involving 15,000 sheets of music, 51 recording hours and 970 takes. Whether they will all greet a medal winner is unlikely – 140 countries have never heard their own anthem at an Olympic medal ceremony – but the anthems will also all played at the start of the Games to welcome athletes to the Olympic Village.

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One Response to Olympic National Anthems performed by the LPO – now on iTunes

  1. Peter Patterson says:

    Much as I like the sentiment of new arrangements of National Anthem. The British arrangement has tried to be too clever and looses a lot of the tradition and pomp of the occasion and is detracting from the medal ceremonies. A nice idea, badly done, but well played.


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