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8 Responses to Get in touch

  1. v mair says:

    having sadly missed the concert today with Ravi Shankar playing his first symphony with you, please can you tell me if there any plans for him to play it with you again and if so where and whan?
    thank you x

    • londonphilharmonic says:

      Sorry you missed the concert. I’m afraid that we don’t currently have another date for performing this symphony, but that doesn’t rule out future performances. We did record the concert, and hope to release it on the LPO Label in due course, subject to all artists giving their permissions. Ravi was in the audience, and his daughter Anoushka was the sitar soloist.

  2. Veronica Dee Ang says:

    I attended many concerts with the London Philharmonic
    Orchestra at The South Bank Center when I lived in London for two years. Will they ever come to Philadelphia to perform at The Kimmel Center for The Performing Arts as a guest with The Kimmel Center Presents.

    Sincerely yours,

    VDA, From Abington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • londonphilharmonic says:

      Thanks for your message. We would love to perform in Philadelphia as a guest of The Kimmel Center, but don’t currently have anything in the diary. Perhaps one day….

  3. laila aalykke says:

    About Elgars Sea Pictures, I would really like to buy the new CD, is it possible via you?? I have recently read the novel.:Echoes og the Dance” by Marcia Willet…. a lovely book , very inspiring…
    With love
    Laila Aalykke

  4. laila aalykke says:

    looking for Elgars sea Picture, the CD—-

  5. I wanted somehow to publish this but did not make it, hopefully you will find this review meaningful and fair to the orchestra.

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